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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

Have a blessed Christmas to all readers.

Christmas is not just about colourful decorations, presents, Santa Claus and fireworks. It's to celebrate Jesus's birth. He is the greatest gift God has given us so let's celebrate this day by giving to others too, be it time, love, helping hand, presents. Let's spread the love around.

Jesus's birth is also God's plan to forgive our sins so forgive those who have hurt you for God has forgiven us first.

Have a blessed Christmas, spread the love around and give everyone a big big hug. *hugs* /shy

Gonna have a quiet little Christmas celebration with family. Just hanging out and chill. Age is catching up already. Too old for crowded place. Apparently, many of my friends feel so too. (Either too old for crowded place or too old for the crowd. =P No leng chai kap already..Cause all way too young for us.)

ps: I'm ok the evening after I got my result, just that I was too lazy to update. I've been really really lazy to update my blog. Will try to blog more when I get back to USM.

Ping Ping

3 days to USM.

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