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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Never look back

Been a long time since I last updated with any pictures at all despite having quite a lot of things happening in my life. I am less an anti-social now compared to my first year and I can finally say I do quite enjoy USM. And I've only got 3 years so really, if I'm going to hate it for this 3 years, I will never get the chance to re-experience it when I finally miss them. That aside.

The title of the blog post is actually for the new me with colored contacts. I've contemplated for quite a long time before I decide to get myself colored contacts. Also because Master Yoda threw away my contact lense by mistake so I kinda get to er, claim two boxes of colored contacts. HAHAHA Adequate and more than sufficient consideration (some law stuff).

I think for those who had colored contact lense, you'll never look back. Seriously, colored contacts make your eyes bigger *yay* and more lively.

Camwhore pictures I took in Shan, Hooi Shan, Ju-Yen and Yi Lin's 21st.

I edited the above picture so it's fairer.

And once you learnt how to put on make-up, I think it's hard to look back. Putting on make-up to me is a luxury la. I don't do it on daily basis because I'm too lazy and Ping Ping is almost blind without specs. With contacts, she's half blind. I took pride in my camwhore skills ok? So it's ok if people say I sometimes don't look like me in the picture.

It takes lots of practise, patience and skills to be able to look somewhat different in pictures. It's all about the angle, which angle is your best angle. I enjoy dressing up and putting on make-up because it's just so fun to do it. But it's so hard to do it in uni because I walk a lot so I need my sport shoe and you can hardly dress up with bulky sport shoe. Then it's so hot so everything melt, including you. And as I've said, I'm blind without specs and half-blind with contacts so wearing contacts to class is not an option because I need to see well in class.

This is how I look like daily in uni.

Crap I'm such a boring person already. T____T Like I always am. Anyway, exam is ending in another 8 days with 5 papers to fight through. I've been studying hard, sleeping late and being a student. Mummy will be proud. Except that I slept in the library, on top of a pile of dictionaries, carefully stacked up to form my 'pillow'

Before I end my sad post, I shall show you food picture!!! Yay!! Be prepared to feel hungry after all these.

From various outings- Little Cottage, Max Gourmet, Crepe Cottage, Coffee Island. See, life is quite happening one, blog not happening only.

Main dishes

Ensalada pollo y huevo (Chicken and Egg salad)

Pollo (Chicken)

Pescado (Fish)

Pollo y Gamba y Spagheti (Chicken, Prawn and Spagheti)

Pescado (Fish)

Tan Tan Mian (Tan Tan Noodle)



Pickled ginger in pink is <3

Sakae Sushi is <3


Mango something from Max Gourmet

Crepe Cottage is 2x <3

Yellow umbrella is <3 if people don't lick it, put it on their ear and then put it in people's water *shakes head*


Yay!!! Malaysia Bolehhhhhhhh.

Hungry already? Tummy having orchestra playing inside them already?? Mine is beginning to play. Active band members I have in there. HAHA.

*** Writer's attempt to make her post less boring and less of whiny stuff.***

I just realised I got A LOT OF food picture. So I'll probably throw in one or two after every whiny post to make my blog more colorful and happy. =P


Mad Maureen said...

Hey, thanks for translating the Spanish food - I almost forgot all the Spanish vocabs already.. hehe.. *shame mode on*

I really like your pictures. *salute* I don't have camwhore and photography skill - always ended up taking ugly photos of myself (with highlighted pimples some more) and funny pics of me and my friends (where someone's head will unintentionally be chopped off) during a group camwhoring. No skill lah u, people will tell me. -_-

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: heh, I just felt like putting spanish words..hehe..good revision eh?

thanks for liking my picture. HAHAHA..Mine if I got pimples also inevitable la. Put make-up to hide it la. Or just pretend it's not there. =P taking group picture needs lots of skills. I sometimes fail too. But it's so funs!!!

LesLeY said...

haha.. d umbrella. ok lets not goin out wif dan nemore. bluerrkk =P

Mrs Chong said...

lesley: hahahahaha poor daniel...hahahahaha and poor u too...i think next time we make sure he dun throw things into our disgusting la...

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