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Sunday, November 15, 2009

PMS sucks big time

I hate PMS. I have worst PMS ever. It'll be there like entire week before your relative comes and insane la. One whole week ok? Cannot like one two days ar? Or three days. Must be one whole week. And I get very grumpy because my PMS includes:-

- tummy cramps (and that's when I stop knowing when I'm hungry because I don't know it's hungry or just another cramp)

- Body aches (from head to toe :- as though you just fought with a dragon or lion or tiger like that insane)

- Headaches

- Uncertainties (because you know that relative of yours is just around the corner but you don't know if she wants to come in kinda thing)

- Discomforts

- Chills

- Flatulence (bloating and all but I got that most of the time so...bad tummy I got there)

One of the days when being a girl sucks big time. =( Exam 3 days continuously, then I'll come back and blog my 1000th post. Since it's the 1000th post, might do some walking down the memory lane thingie and celebrate it la.

Let me just curl up and hate self for being a girl. Oh cannot, exam, crap. And there's a lizard staring at me. Sucks.

Hardworking Ping Ping studying. Till then.

ps: I'll be glad to be a girl when I get to dress up, make-up, scream while watching horror movies, scream when I saw a lizard, and whine about being moody.


sunny day said...

eh.. the book terbalik jor... don pura pura.. lolz

Mrs Chong said...

eh really study one laaaa...apa book terbalik jor..i remember what i studied some more..

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