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Saturday, December 05, 2009

What happened after exam?

18th Nov

19th Nov
Tesco shopping for Family Camp.

20st Nov
Gurney with friends for makan and arcade. Slumber party which got us sleeping at 7am the next morning and waking up at 11.30am to rush for a meeting.

21st Nov
Meeting then pack everything to go home. & started packing for Cameron.

22nd Nov
Back to friend's place to stay over.

23rd Nov
Bertolak to Cameron Highlands! Cameron for the first time!! Camp starts and had great time.

23rd-26th Nov

26th-28th Nov
Stayed back and hang out with funny and happy people. Had even more fun.

And have been staying home since. Went out with friends yesterday though.

Can't wait for Hatyai, KL and Melaka before uni reopens. I know, damn boring right the post. Nothing about the places I went in details but I'm just a bit lazy. I'll do it in between bag packing ok? I still need to collage pictures to put up more pictures. =P Excuses.

Crap, just realized, 2009 is coming to an end. Time to review my 2009 resolution and see if I even go near to any. Not even dream of touching them. I don't even know why I make resolutions. I guess because other people are doing it also. Will review it...later... =P

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