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Thursday, November 05, 2009

I feel like crying

really. I was all happy, chirpy and bubbly before 12.50a.m. Then I decided to google this UTAR boy, James Khor, who was from Penang and was drowned.

I read through the posts his friends wrote about him and suddenly I felt like crying. I mean I know God has His plans for us (I don't know if the boy is a believer), but it makes me feel so. I don't know, like we won't know what will happen tomorrow. He knows best but sometimes one just can't help but to wonder, what's in store for tomorrow? Will I wake up tomorrow, walk to library like I always do, meet up with a friend or two, share jokes and laughter? Will all these happen?

Suddenly I miss all of you all over the world, my friends, people who stood by me through thick or thin, people who accepted me for being Ping Ping, people who love me so dearly.

I know, I'm so easily affected but it's just one of those days I feel life is very fragile and even if we know we will eventually go back to Him, we are still human and we will still have love and heart for those on earth.

I should get some sleep.


Diana said...

huggies, love love love

Mrs Chong said...

awwww...huggiess....22nd we hang out ok??? When you wanna get your present la???

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