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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Who is the boss?

My phone gone crazy already. It'll call people sesuka hati even when I just leave it on the table with my hands FAR FAR FAR away from it. Then it'll interrupt me when I'm sms-ing people by sending it when I'm halfway. So rude. So today I couldn't really sms anyone, not even to avoid awkward situations like walking to Anjung Budi alone for lunch and bumped into saranghaeyo *swooons*.

I ended up staring at my siao handphone like siao lang. T____T There goes my image in front of saranghaeyo. Anyway, my phone kept calling my sister because I put her name first in the list (luckily!!! smart me).

The worst was just now, when I called Wei Wei to talk to her about some serious matter (hahahahhhahaha- KAS matter meh?) and.....suddenly, eh, why quiet ki? Rupa-rupanya my phone bertindak sesuka hati (chi pa chi wai) put Wei Wei on hold and called my sister AGAIN. Mad.

I can't set alarm on my phone, I can't message anyone, it's hard to call people I want to call, it's hard to change my phone setting. This is bad.

Looks like someone needs a new handphone, again. =(

There's this really old teaching/belief that I was taught ever since I was a child. You know how we always get sore toes or cuts on our legs because of wearing new shoe? There's always this problem we have to face. Anyway, according to old teachings, we are supposed to give the shoe a bite (as in really bite it before you wear it) and you'll not get cuts. I guess it's like showing it, who's the boss here.

I don't practise it though. Anyway, maybe I should bite my new phone/ current phone (if I can repair it) to show who's the boss.


Wilson Khor Woo Han (Seymour Nightweaver) said...

Seriously, no biting required.

Remember that everything is already more then sufficient in Christ.

Mrs Chong said...

wilson: =))) oh yes...but still need a phone to be contacted and contact.. =)) a workable one..

Wilson Khor Woo Han (Seymour Nightweaver) said...

i'm talking about the biting shoe superstition...

Mrs Chong said...

wilson:'s just a belief la...hahaha...macam-macam one my granny..dunno pulling my leg ka...

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