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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Side effects of exam

*grabs nearest choc bar*
This is bad!!!! I mean *munch on choc* I don't usually crave for chocolates and I've been eating lots of them today. I've been snacking a lot. Every few minutes I'll unconciously walk to the fridge or kitchen and look for something to chew on. Corn flakes, chocs, oranges, anything. As long as my mouth is filled with something.

Then I keep having this I-MUST-BUY-SOMETHING feeling and it feels terrible to not buy anything. I just want to grab something but good thing that I have sisters because I'm so used to asking them for their opinion before I buy anything *which explains why I've never managed to buy anything online*.

Besides I have this weird habit of wanting something badly, but tell myself that I'll be ok without it also and force myself to walk away from it. Then I'll return to that shop every single time I'm somewhere near it to look at that thing until it's sold out or something. I don't know, I'm always like that to things I like.

So there's a lot of disappointments in my life because I do not take that very first step to put my hands on them. I would even take it up, walk to the counter, stop like 5 more steps before the counter, turn back, put it back and walk away. I'm weird but I'm like that.

So...should I buy that dress??? Why is she always working? =(

*Expected conversation.*

Eldest sis : BUY girl, BUY *super encouraging*, nice, we can share. =D
Master Yoda : Er....actually ok nia girl, not that nice la girl. You want meh? If you want, buy lor. Can try ma.
Me : Er...not nice ar? Ok la *closes page*

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