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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Review of 2009 resolution and resolution for 2010

Review on 2009's resolution, again, probably half of it achieved only. I'm more socialable now, I talk more now, I got more friends from my course. I think I am no less grumpy or sensitive, I still continue my Operasi Budget Bawah RM5 but I seriously did not get better results. Phew, finish. =P

I think I'm gonna make a more realistic one this year-like what I say every year then when I don't achieve it, I feel it's not realistic enough. =P

1. Lose some freaking weight. I know, I'm typing this while eating my bread. Breakfast la~

2. Improve my freaking grades. Seriously, need some concentration.

3. Socialize more and fellowship more with my friends. There's more to life and uni than assignments and exams. Had a good start on this. Let's hope I maintain.

4. Be a better senior and try to make new junior friends. To stay young at heart. =P

5. Keep my close friends close. It is so important because they are the ones who shaped me and people I love dearly.

6. Take effort to be more caring, understanding and approachable. And also put in effort to approach people that I usually won't because I just want to stay in my comfort zone.

7. Un-boring my life by not hiding in the room all the time. I realized I did not see much of the first year juniors (any first years) around because I was in my room way too much.

8. Read bible more consistently and work on my spiritual life with Him.

9. Blog more often and make my blog alive again.

10. Be more generous to give people my time, maybe some money, and also whatever I can offer.

May your year have a good start and be fruitful throughout.
May this year be better than last.
Let the awesome year ahead come into your life now. =)))

I don't know why but as years go by, everything seems to lose its excitements, its fun, its meaning. I've began to feel numb of things around me. Somehow, it's not the same anymore. I think I should go to bed earlier. Night world.

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