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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 3 in uni

Classes have been pretty intimidating. I dropped one paper to give myself some space to breathe and also I felt there's no need to rush to finish all my papers because I still have time. I do not want to squeeze everything in and make myself exhausted. There is more to life and to uni that just classes, assignments and exams.

I need to give time for God, for fellowshipping with others and for a life. So I decided to drop a paper. Thank God I did because my minor class's time was shifted an hour earlier which means it'll clash with my English paper anyway. So all that done, and I've got 6 more adult literature books to read. Have not bought them but what have I got myself into? Why did I minor in English? T___T

And those books sound so wrong. The title is wrong enough to make me feel, what the crap is this? But we'll see what's in it and share here, if it's not so wrong. Heh, editted the word so that people will not come into my blog when they google for their erm..'things'. =P

Classes are scary, intimidating but I'll survive....I guess...Oh well, life of a student. I need to learn to love my subjects to do well. I need to buck up. And I need to socialize more lest I regret when I graduate.

Till next boring post,
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