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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

DL day *don't-know-how-many*

It's so hard to stay awake in the library when I'm surrounded with notes, notes and more notes. In between those gung-ho studying session, I do sms and lie around my table and stare blankly on something.

Now I know how it feels like when someone is concentrating on something and other people talk loudly, ignoring their feelings. It SUCKS. Seriously man, I am not taking your course paper, you don't have to read out loud your notes. We don't need to know. At least if you want to discuss, do it softly.

What's with reading out loud the notes for the whole what? 2 hours? Seriously man. I was a bit upset that I moved to another place to continue my revision only to sit beside another group of people. One of them actually stood up and stamped his feet ok? WALAO EH, you cannot remember ur fault la, scare me die only.

Compromise is very important. I left the place shortly because it was too cold for me and I'm beginning to be unproductive.


iriene said...

All the ebst for ur exam.
Do past years questions,
do 'mind mapping', it really helps.
Do drop by my blog when u r online.
Nang some A.d.s :) for you!

Mrs Chong said...

iriene: thanks... =)) yea...past years...hehehe...will do...

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