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Friday, November 06, 2009

One week to madness

And I should feel it already!!!

*Eh, bencilah Singapore drama lah, Taiwan drama lah, Korean drama lah. Stop so lovey dovey can? Such guys don't exist la, come on, stupid meh? Come back to reality.*

See? Nonsense okay? It's exam time, I should feel the stress, I should feel my blood rushing up my brain, I should feel all that. But no, I know it's there but I don't know, I'm scared but I just can't feel it. It feels like I don't know what I've studied this semester. I've slacked too much.

I need you girls to come back and bring the Ping Ping you girls know back. She is a bit down, a bit out, a bit not here. =(( And she knows exactly what made her feel like that and she's allowing it.

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