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Friday, October 03, 2008

2nd time blogging in Shan's house.

Last year in August, we gathered at her house for her birthday party. This year I am here to tumpang her car to go bowling instead. XD

And she is bathing AGAIN. XD We will be out bowling later. I miss them!!!!!!!She is back. Bye


Swee Win said...

bowling !!!
haf fun !! altho i know it wnt b as fun when im around..woohoo.. blekkk..monkey n smelly ahbu !! thats y monekey n smelly anak la.. aiya.jst nw tak terfikir abo cn shoot u.waakakka

weiwei said...

good good. go play more. dun do homework YES!

Mrs Chong said...

sweewin: no wor..we had SO MUCH FUN...XD We went to eat vegetarian food after that. Yum yum.

weiwei: unfortunately, I am back, to do my assignment. =)) have you done yours?

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