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Monday, October 06, 2008

Why I so pandai blush?

I blush when I am hot, when I am cold and when I am as usual, shy or embarassed. Today my lecturer forgot to switch on the air-cond I think and I was very hot la. I feel my face burning.

So when I go out to do my presentation, my lecturer asked if the air-cond is not on. I thought why now only feel hot ar? I feel hot damn long ago already. I thought air-cond spoiled ma.

Then when I walked out of the room, one of my friends asked why my face so red. And then they claimed that probably my lecturer realized the air-cond was not switched on because she saw my red red cheek. Eh, possible leh.

My red cheek very obvious one. I blush a bit only people know already. I cannot "wan sek" (cari makan) with my face already. Cannot hide my feelings. T.T Yay, Monday is over. Tomorrow got English test- Job Interview. No eyes see.

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