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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kelas Menguruskan Badan

Adakah patut they ask me if I want to join? Then since it's FREE (I'm aunty like that), I decided to join la. Entah-entah I'll become super slim, you all will regret calling me fat wtf. Besides, it is already embarassing enough for them to ask, if I reject, lagilah they will think I damn tak sayang diri. Dah fat, people want to help, tarik harga don't want to join pulak.

So I went to the first class which lasted freaking 3 hours teaching us to avoid fried rice and fried stuff and to hopefully eat less calories and get slim. Bah, now eat fruits also worried. Cause scared afternoon's rice calories too much, night if eat fruits don't know will terlebih or not. The one reason I am very worried of not losing weight is because of my kia su-ness. What if the rest of the 4 girls did it and I continue being fat? Wah lao eh, paiseh till korek lubang hide.

Anyway, we will get to measure our weight from time to time, whenever we like at the clinic, they'll count our BMI and we'll get lessons on how to count calories and bla bla, FREE.

Sekian sahaja alkisah Ping Ping ke Kelas Menguruskan Badan. Hopefully I become thin. T.T Waited for many years already.


Pao Pao said...

eh come back teach me also..
can tumpang tanya them..strategy kuruskan kaki, kuruskan lengan dan panjangkan kaki??
thanks a lot :)
Free one rite??

Ping Ping said...

paopao: why u so tam sim one??? Sekali kaki lengan and panjangkan kaki??? lol, beri betis nak paha.

The first two can ask, the last one............

No teknik kut. XD

aL said...

eh eh. no nid paiseh wan ma. this is for good reason and intention. just do it!

if successful please give me tutorials. thanks! haha.

Maureen said...

Oh, Ping Ping... i knw the technique of panjangkan kaki..ask ur kaki to mencuri, then ur kaki will called as panjang kaki, instead of panjang tangan (like they always call thief who mencuri - usually with hands)...

Ping Ping said...

aL: HAHA....u ask Minny la..hers damn berjaya... XD Although she memang slim all this while but she looks great now.

maureen: Lol, must master that skills first. XD But call nia, not necessary looks "long"