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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pangkor and the beach!!!

After reaching the resort, we got changed and go to the BEACHHHHHHHH... WOOHOOO...

Once we got there, we went into our room and decided to go out for a stroll and perhaps make reservation for our lunch-dinner-breakfast. To our dismay, we can only get dinner-breakfast at a reasonable price cause there's no package for lunch. The lunch here are freaking expensive so we decided to go back to our room and eat our biscuit. I know, so sad.

So if you are going to Pangkor and you want to avoid expensive lunch, eat before you go to the hotel or get something to eat at the hotel. =)) And do check out the website of the hotel, especially Pangkor Beach Hotel which we stayed cause there's lots of promotions and discounts for those who book through hotel. Besides, if you call in and they say the rooms are fully book, try online booking.

Back to the trip.

After we finished making reservations for dinner-breakfast and ate our "lunch", we had a short nap before heading for the BEACHHHH... Woohoo... See how clear and beautiful the sea is... Gorgeous man. You should have seen the one in Penang, so dirty can die. The one here is not the cleanest but it's clean.

After some swim in the pool, we decided to lie down on the chairs provided and just relax. Just listen to the sound of the waves, enjoying cool breeze and heh, camwhore. I'll never get enough of that beautiful sceneries. I'm glad we went. I just love the sea, the sceneries. OMG, so pretty.

And when I see pretty sceneries, I can't help but to camwhore. Ok, excuses I know. T.T Why I like that? XD My Roxy flip flops. <33>

My sis and I and the beautiful sceneries. Can you see that hut? That's the hut that the waiter in the restaurant refused to let us sit there and claimed that we CANNOT EAT there but we saw many foreigners eating there after that. DISCRIMINATION I TELL YOU!!! This is why I hate Malaysians. They discriminate A LOT. Where can like this? But I heard there are many discriminations cases all around the world. They treat locals like shit. Let's not let this destroy our mood.

Our freaking RM8 wedges. So damn expensive. Lol. After our snack, we decided to go back our room and rest for a while before further activities. Mr. Lim was tired already. After resting a while, we decided to walk along the beach before going back for a bath. On our way out, we saw this and Mr. Lim excitedly snapped pictures.

Peeeekok. Beautiful peekok. =))

These are the pictures of us at the beach with jelly fish and expensive chalet *gasp* (chant with me: Kahwin orang kaya, kahwin orang kaya), sand sea lion and sand castle (with one dead crab on top of it wtf. They put it as decoration lor, so mean wtf.)

That's Pao and Mr. Lim happily walking as a couple and that's me, strolling along the beach feeling sad and down. =(( I say only lol.

Nyek nyek, we beh syok the guy dun let us sit, we sit juga. XD To camwhore only. Please focus on us and not the ah pek behind us thankyouverymuch.

After that we go back to our room mandi and berdandan for dinner that night. It was a buffet dinner. We don't know why we berdandan though. Lol. Oh and there was like few companies there for company trip. You should have seen how the girls wearing skimpy clothes walking past the bosses. WTF, in bikinis some more, purposely walk and wave to the big bosses. So hiao can die.

Dinner while admiring the beauty of nature. Having our dinner while admiring sunset. Macam orang kaya. Lol. Can I kahwin orang kaya now? Please, pretty pleaseeeee.

More pictures next post. =))


cheng ling said...

Hey...Your scenery pictures are great. Where did you stay over?
I saw jelly fish too but didn't take picture of it. I feel they are so geli la..

Mrs Chong said...

lol...jelly-ish ma...hehehe...we stayed at Pangkor Beach Hotel... love scenery pics too...hehehehe...

Anonymous said...

syokness !!
jom benteng go !!

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