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Saturday, October 25, 2008


I don't think I have weird habits or things because I am well, not weird. I don't know how I am going to finish this meme *shakes head* but I will do it anyway since Simon came over to my blog and say I am the Ping Ping he tagged. What? Got a guy name Ch'ng Ping Ping in Penang okay? sigh, why la choose girl name. *No, cannot say I got guy's name thankyouverymuch.*

1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.

2. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state the rules clearly.

3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.

4. No tags back!

Here goes. Weird stuff about me. *thinks for 231551 days*

-1. I like guys with strong jaw line. *this is not even weird lor sigh* Like Kevin from BSB. I KNOW!! *roll eyes*

-2. I think I can get drunk just by drinking Shandy. I just hate the smell. *shifty eyes*

-3. I blush all the time. It's not even weird but it feels WEIRD.

-4. I am excited when I see or hear the word FREE. It hurts when you have to korek ur purse to buy lunch. =((

-5. I check on people's blog too often a day. I think I can open PinkPau's, Sweatlee's and Audrey's blog for like 5 times a day. I forgot I checked. T.T *this is not weird, this is short term memory lost*

-6. I often feel stupid. HAHA. This is not weird but I like to put it here. Am I weird? *shifty eyes*

-7. I am always nervous about exam but no matter how nervous I am, I still can't get myself to concentrate on studies. *this is not weird either, this is lazy.*

I get distracted so easily la. You see la. Until now I still write like what? 5 not weird stuff of myself. Cin cai terima can? T.T

-8. I can never finish blogging about a trip. That reminds me of NZ trip. Lol, one year ago, I went to NZ. Until today, tak habis habis diblog. I am lazy already. Besides, it'll feels weird to read it now, one year later.

-9. I walk out of my hostel building, looking up at the sky, take a deep breath, smile and say good day before starting to walk to my first class of the day. *if I am not moody.* And it does feels good. But people who saw me might think I am weird.

Sometimes I'll thank God for a beautiful day. And I will stop and admire the mountains I can see on the way. I love it when it's early in the morning, slightly chilly but you can still feel the warmth from the sun. But it's in the morning only la. I am in Malaysia for goodness sake. By noon I'll be so hot, I show my Bao Qing Tian's face.

-10. I am still lost in USM after one sem. Wei Wei will always have to scold me cause I somehow will always take the longer route without realizing or ask her, WEI, where nearer? *Wei as in normal woi, not wei wei's wei. Nevermind.* I am not weird, it's just that everywhere seems the same to me. What can I do?

-11. I can play Mahjong on the computer for the whole day and not get bored. The match the tiles one la.

-12. I can get lost even in Penang. Well, what you expect? I get lost in USM. But ya, bringing two friends from other states and still get lost in Penang is well, pathetic.

-13. My bulu roma tangan stands all the time. Whether it's hot, cold, rainy days, sunny days, Monday, Tuesday, anyday. 24/7. It's fun. =))

-14. I can make people sing 1 million (in hokkien) with me. Come on wei wei. chi pa ban, chi pa ban.

-15. I always do things I vow not to do. Like going to Macalister Road for All You Can Eat steamboat. And sometimes, I pay for it lor, not people belanja. T.T Why I liddis?

Habis liao la. Spent one hour thinking of weird things of myself, it's weird. And all the things I stated are not even weird, weirder.

I tag
- Weiwei if she ever rajin to do
- PaoPao cause she is weird like me?
- Ah Win cause she is very weird
- Ah Shan but she is busy studying
- Cheng Ling cause she sent me a cute sms yesterday
- Diana cause she lama tak blog lor
- Ewe Yan cause he is on a holiday.
- Anna Chi Chi (my cousin) cause I want to know she is weird like me or not. =))
- Yuh Jen cause she got a weird dog that opens the fridge.

This reminded me of someone who is so full of himself that when I tag him, he tell me, oh, I don't do meme. Really, why like that?


cheng ling said...

I read your blog already.Hehe...But dind't answer yet. Wait okay...Best of luck in your exams!

Simon Loh said...

haha.. i can also feel your tired-ness ^^

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