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Friday, October 10, 2008

Before 10 of October ends

let's sing a song for this birthday girl lady. XD She is yee sap sei sui, pok pok chui (24 years old, pok pok chui. XD )
My ever manja, suka bully, sexy, pretty second sis, Pao Pao's , birthday. And because it's her birthday, I get to go Pangkor tomorrow, double puji-an. Faster go her blog, belated pun can wish.
I have to go pack my bags for Pangkor already. Lalalala...

ps: Don't look at me and assume my sis is not pretty okay? Si lang bin. We are really different. =))

Nah, show u la.

Wakakakak, forget sing song.

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,


Happybirthdaytoyou. *runs to pack bag*

1 comment:

reddaisie said...

thanks bibu..
quickly post up on Pangkor yea..u know lazy bum bum ma
hope u had fun at pangkor..
gambate study..tmrw i on leave...wohoo!!!
but have to study also..sien

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