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Monday, September 29, 2008

Moonlight Resonance

HAHA, cause so many of my buddies watching, let's discuss it.

1. Which part makes you cry the most?

2. WHO make you cry the most?

3. Which character you really really like?

4. Which part you paling suka? *I got one part I ALMOST want to cut out and watch again and again, so mean*

5. Like the ending or not?

My answer:
1. I cry when they accuse Ah Yuet. I don't know why, cry until pilipala the tears.

2. I think the whole show, whenever Ah Yuet kena accuse, I sure cry until damn mempersiasuikan one. XD

3. I like that Linda Chung cuz she damn pretty, and I actually like Ah Yuet also, and Ah Ka. Wa suka.

4. The part when that Ah Sa's daughter kena pukul. DAMN SYOK!!!

5. Although that ending very er typical, I like. Haih, last time I would say, always also like this one la, but now I'm old already, I prefer like this one.

=)) I paling want to know which part you cry PALING teruk. I had to like pretend I got flu ok cause I was watching in my room and my room mate was around. Then the other times my sis are around, have to tahan my tears. T.T


Simon Seow said...

When Ah Ka is accused Ah Yuet of using the money to play share when really he used the money to help a ah poh.

Mrs Chong said...

that part also sad...but I see Ah Yuet cry, I also cry one.

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