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Monday, October 27, 2008

USM hostel friends and BENA

Neh, yang I said I kena tipu with free food and had to sleep with bugs, neh, BENA lor tu. Still got unfinished business. Die. Haih. *When I drafted it, still got unfinished business. But I've settled it. Here comes SUPERPING* ignore me thankyouverymuch. Nevermind, nothing stops me from camwhoring. Oh oh and many other people I meet in USM la. XD

My room mate on my right and my partner for the BENA thing on my left.

This is my neighbour, Dilah. Very cute indeed.

Me and the three musketeers. I don't know how to spell. Soli.

This is me bullying a participant. So bad I know.

We even camwhored. Kesian dia. And later she came into our room for a chat. Luckily she is blindfolded lor. If not I'll kena pukul. =x

Dilah again. She is cuteness extreme.

Lol. Ms Wei Wei with assets, me and Pang Sue-Yin who always looks down on me just because she is tall. Literally.

That tall skinny girl and the short fat one. T.T Sakit hati.

Our coursemate, Gaik Buon. Ignore Wei Wei, she always pose like this. Flirtatious to the max.

It all started with Boh Phaik Ean wearing that red shirt to class. Wei Wei started calling her Ang Pow and ask her is it CNY already. So that's us 'pai ni-ing' (er, like saying Gong Xi Fa Chai and take ang pow ritual.)

Sim Yin Yin and Ch'ng Ping Ping. I know. Our names damn, double. XD

That's me trying to look for books in the library.

And this is the last time I am going to wear this baju. So ugly one. Haih, fashion disaster.

Trying to study la. Cannot see is it? Bulan exam.


LiZaRdboi_88 said...

LOL Mana saya?

Mrs Chong said...

we did not take picture with u...hehehee...lain kali...ada chance we take... =))

Soleh said...

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