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Sunday, October 05, 2008

I hate it!!!

I think this is not the first time I say I hate being in the university. I got back to my room just to find someone, A, sitting at my table, with her legs on my table, her luggage at my side of the room, watching drama. It's not that I am a selfish chao ginna who cannot share with people. But it's always without my permission.

I find it rude. Really. I am angry cause her friend, B, did not even tell A to NOT use my side of the room since well, A is not exactly my friend and it's rude cause I'm not around. B allowed Ato leave A's things all crowding MY side of the room. Why MY side of the room? Not something I need to see when I am so sad to be back. I HATE IT!!!!!!! Can everyone just LEAVE ME ALONE?? I mean it's ok if I am alone, just don't treat me like I have no feelings. Give me back my privacy! I feel like I don't belong here.

I'm glad I brought back my orange SGGS 2007 organizer. Man, how can I ever gonna love someone else more than these girls I met in high school? Now I know why despite having pain in the ass teachers back in high school, I still somewhat enjoy going to school (I say somewhat cause I skipped school a lot. XD Hypocrite extreme).

I was such a clown last time. I still am now, just that my clown-li-ness (bad English so what? -.-)only appear when I am with them la. Why ar? Because we are in the same circus (they are clowns too).

Anyway, read this. Why I like that last time?

sing to the tune of Que Sera Sera.

When I was just a chao gina (naughty kid),
I asked my lao bu (mum),
What will I be?
Well I buay (sell) tau chiu,
Will I stay sui (pretty),
Here's what she said to me.

Que sera sera,
Whatever will be, will be,
The future is not ours to see,
Que sera sera,
Whatever will be, will be.


Anonymous said...

haha.. i know i am late in commenting but i think ur version of the song is nicer..

walao, eh.. A buat macam rumah sendiri ka ur bilik?? Me at rumah sendiri pun tak sampai letak kaki atas table... (cause my table is always full of craps.. hehe)

Mrs Chong said...

HAHA....yay....I sudah ada fansee...XD haih, it's ok la..what to do???I also can't do much... =)) Forget it lor...

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