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Thursday, October 30, 2008

As unproductive as it can be

Today sibeh unproductive.

I woke up, bathed, makan breakfast, sit around sorting out my notes then I walked to CIMB to bank in my cheque *finally*.

Then walked to Sg. Dua and waited for Yi Lin. Then go lunch and print her stuff, then I got back, read a lil, went to get my notes from fellow coursemate.

Then I continue reading this Teori and Teknik Terjemahan that I don't even will be any help or not. And I fell asleep, woke up, online a little.

Read some more. If it's of no use, I'll die lor. I am planning to spend my entire day on this. Better make it worth it babeh.

Abdullah, if it is useless, you are so dead lor. I find your book very offensive actually but I still read.

ps: This Abdullah is the writer not our prime minister, no ISA please thank you.


Anonymous said...

Me also unproductive here..I can't even understand my own notes-yet my notes not complete one... (padan muka for skipping the HMA lectures.. huhu.. )

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: OMG...we are like just 2 minutes walk's so nice to chat with people who are near... =))

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