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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I put the RM5 a day plan on hold

This week, that plan is not going to be carried out. Actually once in a while I break that pantang la. I got some money from aunt last week so I decided to treat myself this week.

Ok, I lied.

It's actually cause I want to eat spaghetti. And also cause I bought kueh. And the most sinful thing, JUNK FOOD!!!!

Cannot upload photo. I bought Nyam Nyam, my childhood favourite. And also CLOUD 9!!!!!! I'm on cloud 9 now.

Another reason to celebrate, my minor paper's lecture finish already!!! Two weeks no need go English lecture!!! Like SO COOL CAN? This shows that I should start studying. Especially if I have any thoughts of going to the Nuffnang Halloween Party. Waiting for Pao's reply.

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