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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Blogging at Shan's

Lol. It sounds like some restaurant or something. You know? Like you call Secret Recipe as Secret's? =P Anyway, just got back from school, followed mum and mum dropped me at Shan's. She is having a 'release tension' party at her place tonight. Kononnya la. Its her birthday today. I just took my bath and now, its her turn. So I get to use her computer. And then again, if she is not bathing, she will still let me use it. Such a nice friend. I made some peach and mix fruit jelly for this party. I hope it is good, else, I will not admit that I made it. Easy peasy.

Oh, just before I continue ranting on without any aim or objective or whatsoever, I am going to dedicate the following paragraphs for Shan. I hope it will make her proud, happy and most of all, shed a tear of joy for being in our lives and for having us in her life. Yes, I am that 'perasan'.

People say high school friends last the longest. After Emmoes went to seperate path, perhaps its just the 2nd year apart but I wish to believe that my relationship with them will last. I do not want to lose my buddies in high school. Then, Benteng came into my life and I met Shan and Cheng Ling and Jas Lyn. I met them before. We were from the same school leh. But still, I finally got to know them better this year. Although it is selfish to say that I feel more connected to them compared to other new friends I met this year, I still have to say it. It is true and I really think that friends are people like them. Who walk in, change your life and try to stay on with you. It might be because I sit in front of Shan and behind Jas Lyn that I feel that way. Besides, Shan and Jas Lyn have very good temper and are very patient people. A good combination with the bad tempered and impatient me. I too have my good sides okay? Although er...not much. Hehe..Cheng Ling is the one who will always ask me, What if? *roll eyes*

Anyway, I am glad I got to know Shan as she is one of the nicest person on earth. She is even nicer than I am. =P Its hard to make me say this okay? Hehe. She is always smiling and she is very helpful. Glad to be able to celebrate her day with her. Love you Shan. Sing karaoke later okay? =P She is coming out. Gotta go...

Happy 19th Birthday Emoshan. You are so not Emo today. Love you. =)
ps: I just threatened her that I will IM all her MSN contact and ask them why they did not wish her. -sHaN sHaN- loves ping ping... =P This is also my work. Haha. I am bad. I spread her secret for loving me as a friend. =P

1 comment:

sHaN sHaN said...

ping ping....
thanks...never crossed my mind that u will feature me in ur blog...lolx...thanks...i am touched..hehe...happy to know u too...going into f6 really thought me a lot of things...the jelly was nice thanks ya...4 ma huan-ing u...
hope u guys enjoyed fun to have a gathering once in did u release ur tension yest??lolx..

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