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Monday, October 20, 2008

Will I learn?

To show my dissatisfaction and not just rant it here? I wish I can show my muka masam to them as well. I wish I can show my beh syok-ness to them as well. But I'll be here for the next few years and I don't want any problem. It's so sickening to be treated like shit and still smile to them.

I don't know but if she says she tried, she wasn't trying hard. And she dares to show me muka masam. When I get it all done without even asking for her help, should I show her my muka masam too? Seriously, don't just tell me you don't know. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

If Yi Lin is not here, I would have to do it alone. Thank God Yi Lin is around and we had a good laugh while running and screaming. Such a multi-tasker we are. The fact is I thought the biawak will stay in water like they really should at all times. And when I saw it at the tree about 10 footsteps away, I screamed and told Yi Lin. There we were, running, screaming and laughing like mad. XD

So malu. Anyway, that was our encounter with the biawak. I hope it's the last and I hope no one took picture. WTF, so malu can die.


weiwei said...

i saw that pic in the star wtf. and berita kampus wtf. HAHAHAHAHA famous liao la now hahahahhahahaha

Mrs Chong said...

YA RIGHT...if anyone else tell me, I'll believe them...u??? haih...ur reputasi sudah koyak...i takkan percaya sama lu...

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