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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pangkor trip!!!!

Banyak pictures ahead. XD. I have to post this up today cause I AM HOME!!!! Though just for a day, I AM HOME!!!! =))

We departed from Mr Lim's house at about 7.00 a.m kut. We woke up at 5 okay? Cause heh, our bags were not properly packed yet. I'll talk according to the flow of the pictures okay?

Pictures of us departing. See, the sky is still dark. And that's me and my shoes. Woohoo.
Woooo. Beautiful skies. Isn't that gorgeous? Seriously....Look at that bridge. Oh and the picture below, we took it cause it was so misty. Must be cool out there.

Us snacking on CHIPSMORE!!! and Mr. Lim upon reaching Lumut Jetty!!!

Camwhore at the shops and temple nearby the temple. Look at us!! Lol, our YES pose cause we sudah sampai. XD

Us camwhoring around the jetty area. There were beautiful sea creatures' statues and stuff all around. Love them!!! Such a great place to camwhore.

And that's us on the way to Jetty. Heh, so pretty!!! I mean the sky, the sea, everything.

That's us lol, while waiting for the ferry.

And us while checking in for the ferry, walking to the ferry and in the ferry.

And guess what??? The holiday has just begun!!!!!!! These are the pictures of us reaching the hotel!!! We took about 3 hours to get there cause heh, someone la, needs toilet a lot. Kesian dia. Ok la, I know, my pictures are all damn tiny. What to do? XD Next post, stay tune la.


Anonymous said...

yeala..someone asyik need the toilet..buat kacau nia..tsk tsk tsk

Mrs Chong said...

who is THAT someone hor??? LOL...

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