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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm back in USM

I studied the whole day for Translation and Interpretation paper. At least I feel better now.

Will continue in the tv room later. XD 9.30 I am going to the tv room d. Just in case some one else want to rebut with me. =))

I finished reading the whole stack of papers but haiya, not that I can remember but at least better than none. Really must go PBA only can study lor. Damn suay ar me. Why like that?

It's ok. Everything is fine now. I am back in USM.

*stares at the bunch of baju that I have yet to wash. Boh lat, tomorrow.*


CL said... worries Ping Ping! I'm sure u'll do well. Me having finals soon as well! USM la kan..all the best!!

Mrs Chong said...

hey...hehehe...fingers crossed. No ar..the paper damn hard, I damn sked. T.T Dun even know the things I study got use or not..but thank u...and good luck to u too!!!!!!

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