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Friday, October 17, 2008

There is no free lunch this world.

This is to remind everyone and myself *shy* that there's no free lunch in this world. I tell you, even if people say oi, free lunch go makan, DON'T JOIN!!!! Ok la, must judge according to what your heart says la. XD

The thing is, I jumped on every opportunity for free food and landed myself in H06, a hostel building that has been empty since beginning of the year I think. With dirty rooms, noise from the fan, dirty bed and pillows *which smells like shit too* (figuratively la, not SHIT smell), and freaking creepy toilet. What la? I had to overnight there to accompany some participants from other school.

I tell you, UNLESS you are sure you got them the best rooms ever in the universe, don't ever ever get involve in taking charge of the accommodation. I think there's like thousands of bed bugs lor. Or I allergic to the bed lor. I slept on it and got itch all over. Thank god once I got back at 7am this morning, not having much sleep the night before, I was able to sleep on my own bed. I really really think Desasiswa Fajar Harapan F25/312A has the best bed now. I don't even mind Suetli's toilet is so freaking huge and cleaner cause once you've been to the worst, you'll appreciate anything you have.

That freaking toilet door in H06 closes on its own lor. Scare the shit out of me. I ran back to the room and hid. Why I so chicken like that? T.T Anyway, although I was given free lunch and free dinner, I suffered last night. Boo to free lunch and bed bugs.

The writer decided to stop herself from jumping in excitement or having people see her with her eyes lit up whenever people say there's FREE stuff.

ok. Maybe not. wtf

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