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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Let's see if today can be a picture day

Lol, just testing. I am not sure if today can be a picture day cause you know how sucky USM's connection is. Anyway, I have like tonnes of pictures to update for the past few weeks but never got the chance to do it. And SOMEONE has been complaining that my blog not nice to read cause no picture. T.T Don't even appreciate my writing. XD

OMG!!! MY NYAM NYAM. Heaven. I don't know why I like it cause it is just a sad looking junk food and it look kinda fake but I love it!!! I love it since young. It has been at RM1 for a long long long time now. *beams*

Cloud 9 plus. It has rice puff inside. Yesus, damn good. But haih, after I went to the Kelas Menguruskan Badan (KMB), I have to let all these go. It'll be in another post if I remember/want to post.

New teddy that my eldest sis bought me when she went Genting to watch Sammi Cheng. The bulu is so damn soft kay? I hug it to sleep. And sis put lovely lace fragrance on it and it's just so so nice to hug and makes me sleep better. I miss home. =((

Oh and since I did not blog about our benteng's outing to Penang Bowl and Chiak Chai, you can all go to Shan's or Cheng Ling's blog for it. I still have not gotten all the picture. XD But I LOVE THEM!!!!!

Lol, I think damn lama already I did not update photos. These are from dim sum and korean food we had. Dim Sum that Pao treated us and Korean food at Korean Palace that I belanja-ed with my Nuffnang money. Cheque has finally arrived. =)) I love money, I love Nuffnang.

Yummilicious egg tart, my mum, my grandma and Pao!!! =)

Yummy korean food. I love the chicken, the sotong, the bibimbap, the side dishes OMG, and my Green Tea Frapuccino from Starbucks. Will try the hot one some other day. Very sweet though.

Oh that The Cove, Chih Heng's aunt's place. Damn cool can die. You mandi also can look at the sea. The house is so freaking big, there's only one unit per floor and aiyo, damn freaking big and expensive la. Roll on the floor also will get tired. XD Nope, did not try.

And Redbox with Pinkies!!! I went dinner with Diana and Jen that day too and got scared by their over-friendly friend. T.T

That's my life for the past few weeks that I did not upload any photos. Cousin Monkey Chooi is doing well in UK. =)) Wah, so fast he also go one month d. Time flies, they really do.

**Boohoo, I thought I'll seperately post up my Pangkor pictures but, CANNOT LIAO.....Ok, no Pangkor picture, i go nap before 3pm's class. Her class is boring. T.T


Swee Win said...

ehhh!! i din know u suka eat nyam nyam wan !! i so long never eat d.its my fav too !! i use to buy like banyak2 wan.. stil rm1 ?? lai lai post to here got boh.i wan go find d..whee!!

Mrs Chong said...

sweewin: lol, I also just found out Wei Wei loves it too. Hoi, we all was cheated by nyam nyam's multicolor rice puff is it??? How come all of us love it? I love that biscuit where u get to dip into chocolate also. Maybe I like the chocolate then. XD

reddaisie said...

so geli..
i dun like nyam nyam..

Mrs Chong said...

paopao: lol, generation gap la we all.. XD

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