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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wei Wei is right

I am super think cannot open type of person. (direct translate it back to Hokkien please thankyouverymuch)

Haih...I still feel bad for making Kok angry. He is like the paling tak leh angry one person.

And then I kena shoot for taking pictures in lecture cause the lecturer talks and changes the slides too fast me cannot catch up. So me take pictures. I don't know she is talking about me or Mr. Peet since Mr. Peet also take but haiya, I feel kena shoot la.

I'm gonna be moodless over this for few days.

Shit, study la. T.T


LiZaRdboi_88 said...

Hi PingPing, first time commenting at your blog btw.

Actually, one of the fastest way to tick off a lecturer's mood is someone taking pictures/recording of the lecturers.

And actually it's not just about lecturer wanting you to pay full attention to what they SAY esp. extra stuff that might not be on the slide as idea flash. It also involves ethics as sometimes lecturer uses examples in lecture which can be easily misunderstood by outsiders who doesn't know the real context on how it happens.

(I know, it's a lil complex and I sounds like I am rambling here, but just to let you people as my junior knows lar...and Mr. Pete (PCJL, right?) took pictures in lecture?! I AM NOT PLEASED.)

Mrs Chong said...

zherong: why???lol...yes, it's him..why u tak please cuz he take??I also took. T.T now I know already. But aiya, take or not also tak faham. T.T

LiZaRdboi_88 said...

Cos I do have expectation on him to get a dean's list for the dwindling male student in BATI. For him to took pictures of lectures = cheapening the value of achievement.

As for the girls, you girls shd be doing jst fine. I am expecting a total of at least 6 dean's list from your batch.
*fingers crossed*

Mrs Chong said...

zherong: hmmmm....I am sure I'm not in the list...if there's good student in the class, I'm not the one. I don't even know if I can pass my LKM 400. T.T And having to nurture my last minute habit since young, I don't think it'll do me any good.

We'll see if the ones you think will get into dean list be in the dean list. =)) And don't worry, I am sure Peter will be lor. I can already sense it.

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