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Thursday, July 23, 2009

What you see on your way home.

For my case, it's on my way back to my room.

1. I see happy students walking back to their rooms.

2. Happy people driving cars.

3. Scorching hot sun. (This is feel, but oh well, I'm the blogger remember?)

4. Students waiting for bus.

5. A FREAKING DEAD CAT ON THE PAVEMENT WITH EYES OPENED. T_____T *Of course I'm sure it's dead. It looks.... DEAD.

Why does it have to be there when I'm walking face down? As in I looked down to the floor because my umbrella is very fragile, the wind can easily blow it off. Can never imagine how it'll be like if it was raining. Probably not bringing it out since it won't be of any help.

Anyway, the cat died with eyes open, as the saying in Cantonese goes, "Sei mm ngan pai", did not die peacefully. =s Poor kitten. I'm going to mourn for its death over dinner. =(

Oh oh oh and you know what??? My toilet slippers (slippers I wear to toilet in USM =.=") is branded stuff okay? Cause I saw an imitation of it three doors away. It's pink with polka dots!!! Must be branded la, or else why got pirated version? I'm so cool, even my slippers are branded. Super comfy from China kut. =P

I ran to people's doorstep to take a picture, but can't upload here now. I so scared she'll come out and ask me, "Er...why are you taking pictures of my toilet shoes?" HAHA.

I hope she don't lose her slippers and thought I stole hers. I wore it first okay?


Mad Maureen said...

Poor kitten~!! (-_-) Died with eyes open... Huhu.. Hope it rest in peace..

Ah ha, yeah, I heard a saying about imitation is the sincerest compliment, and it really shows in your slipper situation..

Mrs Chong said...

yea... =((

Ya lo, I think so too. =P

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