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Sunday, July 19, 2009

They said Michael Jackson Died 13 years ago.

Read this. But it was published 4 years ago. It was said to be a hoax so don't go around emailing your friends telling them MJ died 13 years ago.

Yes, unfortunately his face is that koyak-ed. The real one. It's not the fake one that got koyak-ed face okay? And the whole Casper (read: A friendlier name for the gh***. Well, Casper, the friendly gh***) thing is fake also. =) So please go on and mourn about MJ, listen to his songs (Yes, mummy please listen to his songs. I bought the CD at RM49.90 ok?) and watch his MV. Even if he died 13 years ago, he is still dead. So, don't have to stop mourning okay? =))


Normi said...


Mad Maureen said...

Yeah, my father got tell me the same thing about Michael Jackson's so-called death, but I corrected him by telling him that maybe he's just dead in terms of not living actively at the top like he used to be, or in other words, dead spiritually becaus.. My father was speechless when he received the news of Michael Jackson's actual death. There's even a hoax about the death of Miley Cyrus. That's the negative side of being famous, people like to create death for them.. Haiz~

iriene said...

All kinds of everything in this entertainment world. Tks for sharing,do drop by when u r online.
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Jemsen said...

Nowadays, the truth could be deceiving, lies could be the truth..
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JAMES said...

MJ - more and more stories are surfacing... don't know which to believe. Tks for sharing. Do visit my blog and keep in touch :D

Unknown said...

Nahh this source is fake. The site of the article, The Onion, is a satire site. no worries. MJ really died on teh 25th June...

Mrs Chong said...

IQ: EEkkk for the nose or for the fake death???

Maureen: Sigh, why hor? People already dead, still want to create story.

Iriene: Yea, entertainment world is full of stories. Thanks for clicking

Jemsen: It's not a small thing, it's a death of someone and they can create stories from there. Thanks for clicking

James: Yea, seriously, let him be and let him rest in peace la.

PoisonKagero: That's why i began to google first before forwarding any emails to friends so as not to spread news that are not true.

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