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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The sister came back with lots of chocs

Last Friday, the eldest sister came back from Langkawi with lots of chocolates for us and her friends. It's all at home now though.

Because I'm a camwhore like this.

Arranging them nicely so that I can take another nicer camwhore shots. =.="

CHOCKIES!!!! Nom nom nom.

One last picture. Not all are ours though. After distributing them here and there, there's really not much left. Ok fine, I lied!!! Nom nom nom.

Guess what? I might get to go to Langkawi soon!!! I'm not a big fan of chocs but I'm a big fan of travelling, anywhere will do.


ColleenC said...

that's a whole lot of chocolates!!
be careful of them zits! :p

Mrs Chong said...

nee: haha...tell that to the sister and the mother. I'm all the way in USM so I won't be tempted to have them. =P Will prolly eat some leftovers when I'm home.hahaha

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