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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The VIPs in my life

Too lazy to write in detail of our outing but I had fun meeting up with everyone. 3 years has gone by but I'm glad, I'm really glad we are still friends, we are still who we were 3 years ago and we can still connect. I'm glad we all became more matured and I wish to believe prettier but deep down inside, we are the same playful people.

Love you girls. Have to post 3 pictures because first picture no Ju-Yen and Ling Ling, second picture no Ju-Yen and Su Ling and the last one Ju-Yen is finally around. =P Don't you dare to complain that you are bored of seeing me,yilin,diana and june. =P

Beautiful fireworks (i know, air pollution) during Bon Odori. Thanks for not letting me see it alone this year. T___T The traumatizing incident years ago is still in my head. =P
For more pictures, go to my facebook okay?

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