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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A day at the dentist and clinic

Wei and I went to made an appointment to visit the dentist today when she went to clinic for the H1N1 screening yesterday. Unfortunately, I am the only one who has to go back to 'tampal' my tooth/teeth (I don't know, she did not tell me) on Friday at 11am. WHY ALWAYS ALSO I KENA ONE? Since primary school, I am always the faithful patient, visiting the dentist twice or even thrice whenever they went to our school.

Anyways, after visiting the dentist- a painful experience for weiwei and yinyin, not so for me, we decided to get some vitamins. You know, the suck-till-finish one that we always love to eat when we were small. So we took number and met the M/A (Medical Assistant I think). He called me Ch'ng Ping Pong with selamba face. T____T He read too fast and misread it. WeiWei laughed so hard, I thought she'll be out of breath and die there. Then he asked me besides Vitamin C, what else do I want? I told him I feel tired (actually my main purpose was just to get the suck-till-finish Vitamin C).

Then off we went to get our vitamins. When we got it, I realised Wei Wei and mine are alike. But...but...SHE ASKED FOR WEIGHT GAIN ONE!!! So we hurriedly went back to the MA and asked him, 'Which one eat already can gain weight one?'

Then he said, 'Oh, the B-Complex.'
'But I don't want to gain weight, so how come we got the same one?'
'It works the same, you say you tired ma, eat already will got appetite this one.'
'Wah, like that one I don't want liao.'

The reason I am tired is because I walk a lot in uni after such long hiatus. And I walk this much instead of taking bus which is so much more convenient is because I want to lose weight. And then he give me vitamins that gives me appetite. APA NI?


Mad Maureen said...

Whoa, I also like to eat that vitamin.. When my sister was sick and was prescribed with that vitamin, I aslo tumpang sekaki eat them.. Hehe..

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: it...used to get free one in school...hehehehe...the packet one...yumness...i got the swallow one anyway, did not get the suck-till-finish one. T__T

weiwei said...

i am still laughing reading this post hahahahhahahahha ch'ng ping pong hahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha

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