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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wei Wei vs Herballine

Location :- Equal (WeiWei is located beside Toy Museum thus free parking while Herballine is located in Gurney Plaza, in front of Kim Gary, beside S&J so you get to shop.)

Ambience:- WW is much more quiet as you are brought into rooms while in HL, you are brought into cubicles.

Services apart from facial – HL's facial comes with feet reflexology, foot bath, aromatherapy, nicer teas and spa soup- which was pretty yummy.

Price:- HL cheaper, WW’s price might increase with additional services like eye mask etc (which they ask if you want to do it when they are doing your facial, WW’s has more packages and that means more injury to our pocket. HL does not have any course that you must sign up for!

Annoying sales:- WW's staff are sometimes very pushy, comes up with courses that they'll make you sign up for. HL is actually quite good, not pushy.

Pain:- WW is facial not as painful. At first I thought they’ll be equally painful but NO!!!!!!! HL’s pain is like 10x WW’s. I was thinking HL will be where I’ll visit for my future facials but when that pain set in, I was almost ready to run back to WW’s arm without my bra. In HL, they’ll advise you to remove them but it was totally up to you, the girl who did my facial DID not tell me I can choose not to remove them.

Service:- As bad. Seriously, HIRE MORE WORKERS!!!!! I don’t think it’s a good idea to let your customer lie down in the room for some time that feels like eternity before coming back to them just because you are attending to another customer. T___T I actually thought she forgot me. I was T H I S close to knock the wall and remind them my existence.

Products:- HL- much cheaper and affordable if you intend to buy them.

Machines:- Equal I think, WW has this sterilization machine after she extract blackheads and pimples from your face while HL has this laser machine that removes dead cells.

Overall, HL wins by 2 votes but really, for the service, I won’t mind going back to HL but thinking of the pain I would happily run back to WW.

Wei Wei has many branches all over Penang.
Herballine is situated in Gurney Plaza, 3rd floor, in front of Kim Gary and right beside S&J. It currently has a promotion for first-timer. You only pay RM28 for the RM79 facial. =)

Sorry for the wrong name for the shop. T___T I am such a lousy advertiser. Sigh, sorry ya?


weiwei said...

saya ke?

Mrs Chong said...

Not u la amoi.

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