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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

USM main campus don't close la

I read in blogs and facebook that uni-s are closing down one by one for fear of the spreading of H1N1. According to Hui Ping, UPM, UiTM, UKM branch and UUM also close already. Even USM engineering campus is closing for a week. And guess what? There's no cases in USM engineering campus yet.

Why are they closing down the uni when there's no cases? Precaution? Hello, USM main campus had cases in the beginning of July but we are still asked to come back to attend classes. Only Pharmacy School was closed for a week because many pharmacy students were infected. Then now, no cases also they want to close down?

Please don't la, I'm not yet looking forward to sem break. Just let me go on with school and then when my sem break comes, let me have it. Don't suddenly give me sem break and expect me to do something about it. Most people are not on holiday yet. And to break us off on different times will make us lose our hang out time.

Do you think it's a good idea to close down the uni even before there's any cases reported? Isn't it absurd to ask us to come back when there are cases but send us home when there's yet to be cases?


XtasyM said...

Sudden closure of UPM just messed all my plans =.=

Mrs Chong said...

XrasyM: That's why!!!!!!! What if we already planned for a trip during our sem break?

Anonymous said...

i m usm engineering campus student, thr are 8 infected student. while many are suspected.

..*AnNiE*.. said...

I really hope USM main campus is not going to close!I've already bought my tickets to go bac for my sem break..If suddenly no sem break how ar..T___T

Mrs Chong said...

anonymous: is it???my friend from engineering campus told me there's no cases there. But USM main campus had cases earlier and we were still asked to come back. So if there's no cases now, I hope they won't send us back.

Annie: that's why!!!! Although I'm from Penang. =((

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