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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I am super cool today

Because guess what? I used Mac in my computer class. I was late for the class and rushed in to be greeted with 40 over Mac computers. Insane la. USM super rich. I grab any one of it (because I know it won't give weird sounds like the last time I was using a 10 year old look-a-like computer).

Then, I don't know how to switch it on. T____T Anyways, although we ended up using Windows, we were using it on a Mac. Even the mouse feels weird. Mouse=tetikus.

I took a lot of pictures with it (like 5) but my bluetooth software is not installed yet. =( No piktures. I better get it done quick.

After that class, I went to my law class and I got something to share. Madness, I laughed like siao.

(ps: Oh yesh, today got donuts and three pieces of chocolate from Dr. Harjit Singh - yumness, ate one cause I forgot how painful it was to drill a hole in your teeth.)

His example to explain one of the terms we need to learn:

"Pada suatu petang Ahad bercuaca panas, Jamri sedang seronok berenang di sungai (sambil menyanyi lagu Getaran Jiwa lagu P. Ramlee), tetapi tiba-tiba mengalami sesak nafas, dan Siti yang sedang berlalu dengan basikalnya (sambil menyanyi lagu seribu bintang), terdengar jeritan Jamri meminta tolong (tolong! tolong! tolonglah demi tuhan!) terus menjunam ke dalam sungai gaya aksi filem "Baywatch" dan menyelamatkan Jamri. Selepas itu, Jamri (yang bersyukur esok masih ada) berjanji untuk membilakan Siti sebuah 'basikal berenjin' yang dapat digunakan Siti dalam kampus (untuk pergi kuliah HBT 103). " - Dr. Harjit Singh

Walao, laugh till I teared okay? Then I came back feeling very empty. Ya, laughed too much. I'm like that, if I laughed too much then I got back to my room alone, I'll feel extremely empty. Guess it just mean I've used up my happy hormones quota for the day.

It's so funny because he uses the names of the students in our class. If you were there, it would be funnier because he really read them out and explains why. I couldn't take it any longer when I saw gaya aksi filem "Baywatch" and "yang bersyukur esok masih ada". This sir damn funny. Although sometimes he nags a lot, like what must be good human being, must not think of earning money only, must give back to the society -hence the chocolates?, and things like that. But he is funny alright.

ps: HBT 103 is the course code.


Mad Maureen said...

So lucky, to have a funny lecturer who gives out chocolates and donuts to the students.. (Jealous liao.. hehe)

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: yea...=P everyone is jealous with the choc and donut part....HAHAHAH

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