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Thursday, July 02, 2009

The eldest sis's advance birthday

We went to Shenanigans (which means something crazy in Irish) for dinner. We all dressed up for this okay? It's a rule that everyone must dress up for another person's birthday. This started when it was my 21st birthday.
The guests arrived.

A picture of the guest. Clockwise: The mother and daughter look-a-like contestant (Me and mummy), the family (seated on the most left and right are Datin and old bean respectively), the couple (Pao and Hern), the birthday girl (Che)

The birthday girl with our present for her, the bracelet.

Food. The food was actually good. I think grandma loves the fish and chips which was done in the British style, something new. The chips are a bit too salty but it was okay. However, there's not much choices on the menu as they have not much customers at the diner area and have been reducing the selection from the menu.

Different people react differently to a good pint of Kilkenny. The eldest sister who was a pro did it with class and said that it's smooth. The second sister who is more controlled, although did not like alcohol could do it in style. The youngest one who FAILED to maintain her coolness and showed this kind of face. IT WAS BITTER AND I ONLY HAD A SIP CAUSE I DRANK MORE FOAM.

The three sisters.

The old bean wanted to take picture with all of us so here's mine.
The only picture our Datin is smiling. Trick is? Take picture with her after her tummy is filled. =P Just kidding.

Back at home. The three sisters insisted to take more pictures before we take down our 'mask' like what Pao said. A normal happy one. Then Che say eh, all act cool.

I looked more angry than cool (cool factor 7), Che looked very 'sombong' (cool factor 9), Pao looked KESIAN (cool factor 0). T___T FAILED. She say looks like she kena bully then we stood up for her.

Anyway, after this picture, I was seen wearing the exact dress with my blue and green slippers running about. XD Followed mum to send her documents.


Mat`amiT said...

celebrating birthday with family...very nice

Mrs Chong said...

Mat'amiT: yea... =))

SGRMSE. said...

Where's the restaurant, eh? (:

Mrs Chong said...

whoaa, mello : Shenanigans
Irish Pub & Restaurant
129/130 Jalan Tanjung Tokong

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