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Thursday, July 09, 2009


First the Pak Cik MA called me Ch'ng Ping Pong (and gave me weight gain vitamins #@%#%@), then a new found friend call me Pinky.

Thursday was suprisingly bearable. I'm starting to love this sem. Is it too early? Think positive man. Then people will enjoy being around me, the Children Lit. lecturer said so! And she said something about 'ping pong' and a friend laughed. IT'S PING PONG THE GAME, NOT ME!

Ok, actually out of stuff to blog about. Bought scarily lots of books and they are staring back at me. Will need to read and study on 6 children's lit. novels this semester. So intimidating. And I've got a super thick Spanish book (with colours, no more what's-that-black-black-thing?) and some law books. So far so good apart from money flowing out like the water in the big longkang in USM during heavy rain (Read: VERY FAST, trust me).

Glad to see all the friends in USM again- the people who made this place so much bearable and happening. Missing the others though. Win, Shan, CL (DID NOT MEET UP AT ALL), Diana, SL, Jen, EVERYONE!!!


Jen said...

next week i balik!!!!!!! don care must go out with meeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Mad Maureen said...

LOL.. I still can't get over the Ping Pong stuff.. Hehe..

Mrs Chong said...

jen: wokay sayang...we go jalanx2 makan angin...

maureen: =(((((((((((((( Why bully me?

btw, that's pulling a VERY LONG Face.

Mad Maureen said...

Lol.. okay, okay..Now i got over the Ping Pong thing because the VERY LONG Face is funnier.. ROFL... Btw, the name Ping Pong is cute.. Maybe you can consider it as a nickname... Hehehe..

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: apparently I dont get the chance to consider what as my nickname. T___T I think somehow that was given to me, LONG LONG LONG time ago.

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