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Monday, July 06, 2009

Got connection already!!!!!

First day of class more important right? Internet not that important right???? WRONG!!!!!!

Cause I went to register my internet at 8.50a.m. and I was greeted with 41 other people. By 9.30a.m., there's 100++ people and number was closed. I waited until 10.00a.m with my trusty number 42.

In the end, one junior who went in with her friend earlier to see how they do it, fixed it for me. *teary eye*. I got internet connection already. I wrote down how to fix it so that I won't have to line up for it next time. God bless that girl who helped me.

ps: Wei Wei who came back to USM at 8pm was homeless and put up at my place. She was so afraid I'll touch her. T___T Anyways, she's so skinny, it felt as though I slept alone. HAHAHA.

pps: Before I write a complete post on The Manni-Queen, please, hop over to to look see look see the clothes and if you are really a kind hearted angel, help us to spread the word to your friends.

I think I should go ta-pao my lunch in a while. Will update more later. Just got pranked by a friend. He told me timetable change, got class at 9am just now. T__T Why like this one???

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