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Monday, July 20, 2009

Scared me chicken shit

I thought my internet connection in USM got banned. The truth is, it was just a weak connection moment. Well, I have a reason to be scared chicken shit. Ever since I got back to USM three weeks ago, connection has been nothing but great.

Then I was dl-ing the bluetooth software from Nokia website for my phone when the connection suddenly went weak. I thought walao, jackpot also not so 'chun' la. Got so 'chun' kena me or not? Then as a scared chicken shit, I quickly try to do everything possible (including praying to the God for giving His magical touch. My God is a busy God, His child's connection got problem also find him.) So anyway, I itchy chicken hand decided to reset the connection thingie and ta-da, I don't know how to. So I thought 'cham', seriously kena ban.

I gelabah-ed for the next few minutes (even thought of running to the pusat komputer to get it fix), messaged a few friends asking them how to fix it and started clicking around the settings. Well, I can blog now so I managed to fix it (THANK GOD).

Sorry USM =(( I insaf. I will not download anything in USM anymore.

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