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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cheers! Cause I'm young

We were in our English class just now and we were given some listening cum spelling exercise. Basically the lecturer say the words, we spell it. The second category was the harder one that has all our linguistic terms in it but the first one was about youth.

Poor lecturer, have to think of words like facebook, friendster to test our listening. Then she mentioned Ben 10. That's what most of the people couldn't get. Even WEIWEI don't know what is Ben 10. Have to highlight that cause later my lecturer say, "Wah, those who got it are young, those who didn't are more outdated than I am." So, I'm young and Wei Wei is old. Period.


Mad Maureen said...

Oops, I am old too now.. What's Ben 10?

Mrs Chong said...

maureen:'s a cartoon...go google. =P

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