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Friday, August 22, 2008

Sounds of Music, The Fair Lady...

and the list goes on. I have soft spots for musical shows you know?

I think Phantom of The Opera was brilliant, I love to sing along with Sounds of Musics and god knows how many times I've watch it, I love The Annie show who sings Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, I love The Fair Lady and I simply adore the musical play held in MGS in 2001 or 2002, ANASTASIA!! How can I forget Anastasia??!!

I think I am a sucka for such movies. For movies with many little kids doing something in a big group like cleaning their clubhouse, those in the jungle tiba-tiba got nice hut like Robinson Crusoe, orphanage shows, musical shows that got me singing at the top of my lungs with it or make me laugh out loud loud and grin later on.

Nuffnang finally decided to give Penangites some credit for taking care of the good food here and let us join in the fun huh?

Nuffnang is proud to hold a simultaneous Premiere Screenings of Mamma Mia! The
Movie in two locations! Please find the details of the Premiere Screenings for
Mamma Mia! The Movie as followed;
Date : 22nd of September 2008 (Monday)
Time : 9pmVenue : GSC One Utama (New Wing)
Hall : 9Pax : 250

Date : 22nd of September 2008

Time :

Venue : GSC Gurney Plaza

Hall : 8Pax :

Isn't it great? Not only is it in Penang, it is in Gurney Plaza and IT IS FREAKING FREAKING NEAR MY PLACE!!!!

Now I can sing along in cinema. What? What? Embarassing? I don't know that word la.

Oh oh, and I am a big fan of oldies can?? Last time we used to own a very lau eah one car with the floor almost falling off the car and well, no radio. My mum used to sing to me every morning on the way to school and I will sing along also. I love those days.

Now? We either don't talk or I sleep. No, mummy don't sleep. Want me to die ar? Mummy driver, mummy sleep, I mati la.

Nuffnang ar, can give me tickets ar??

ps: Don't think I am a fan of ABBA since I am er...young (am I still allowed to say this? XD), I GOT THEIR VCD OKAY??? Can learn dance move sekali. Mum is a fan, I am a fan's daughter, we are the fans. Whatever, I love oldies and I'm going to watch it. =)

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Swee Win said...

haha.. this reminds me of "I HAVE SOFT SPOTS FOR SONGS"

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