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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Gifts, I likey

When do you get gifts?

I always get presents on my birthdays (like everyone does.)

I get presents on Christmas.

I DON'T get presents on Valentines (saja)

I get presents whether I do well or not for my exam

I get presents when people go travel.

I get it often. =P

And now, I am going to give someone, this SPECIAL someone a gift.
She has been having hard time preparing for her presentation (she is already working some more got presentation) and also she has not been having good sleep as she is "on call".
What's worst than getting a call to ask you to go back to your work place when you are halfway dreaming with saliva dripping? I've decided to get her something she will need now, especially when her muscles are tensed and she is not happy. =(

I thought of getting her this Gintell Eye-Massager. Let her massage her eyes and make her less "chan" not that she looks very "chan" now. No, I never say she looks "chan". However, after much thought, I guess the one who will get stress relieve is me. Lol, she sure looks funny with this on. I probably will forget all my problems looking at her.

Its function

- Promotes stronger blood circulation
- Prevent the onset of near sightedness
- helps To reduce tension and fatigue
- helps To Prevent eye bags and wrinkles around the eyes (she sure would love this)

Best of all is that it is only RM70. And it helps to cheer me up. But aiya, so mean la, release my own tension on her behalf. So I decided not to get this.

What about this? OSIM uPapa Back Massager is freaking RM770. RM700 more expensive. Good for your back, hips, thighs, calves and feet. But then, she is not having problem with that, she is mentally drained, not physically wor. I am not sure this will release her tension cause when I am tense, I feel it on my shoulder and head. So, no. (Ok, the price does make me have doubt. XD)

THEN!!!!!!!! I FOUND THIS!!!!

Comfort Neck Relaxer only RM109!!! is perfect. And and and, this morning I have stiff neck, too tired or stressed. So this will be good. I mean my sister should have stiff neck and feel burden on her shoulder as she is stressed out too. It will work wonders to relieve pain and stiffness. Now this is good. I need it She needs it.
Oh, did I mention who am I giving it too? I forgot!!!!! She is none other than my lovely sister, Pao Pao, who plans to give me what I have been dreaming to get. I know I am lame like that. Ignore the fact that she is complaining that she is getting fat cause she is going to gym once she is over with her presentations and I no strength want to come back and use machines la.
What? That's the wonder of giving someone who stays and sleeps with you during weekends a present. YOU GET TO SHARE IT!!!! XD So prawn behind the stone hor? (udang disebalik batu)


Nicholas Chay said...

harlow did you submit this entry at ? need to register to win wan.


reddaisie said...

thanks gu..
after friday i can relax a bit..
but i have more stressful stations coming up..
will really need those relaxation machines!!
and for the meantime u can massage for me first..not with ur feet ok..with ur hands!!

Mrs Chong said...

nicholas: ya lor...very hard to submit. connection not steady kua...

paopao: with my toe, not feet. XD

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