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Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am a pathetic girl

I finally realized this.

Wei Wei and I were talking about our much wasted Saturdays because well, we bumped each other online at 3pm. That means we are stuck at home on Saturday afternoons, with nowhere to go, no one to date, nothing to do, and shit, no friends to teman.

Why so kesian one? Apparently everyone has a life and well, I AM NOT IN THEIR'S. So I am left alone wandering about at home, watching movie after movie on HBO (yes, I watch Ing gu rish movie, I feel so 'atas' now), and eating a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT.

Come on la, I think I should get my assignments and revision started. I really do not want to gain the weight I lost when I'm in USM for 5 weeks in er, 10 days. T.T

I was reading a friend's blog and it's so heartwarming to see someone falling in love and go all smiley smiley thinking of the girl. XD I know, I am such a sucka for love right? Haha~~I love fairy tales, I love sweet love drama.

I am such a person. A person with the warmest heart and always let out a silly smile when I watch such movie or see friends like this. Although I heh, am not thinking of falling in love any time soon cause it takes up lots of time, heart, concentration and hard work. Besides, I don't think I have those love cupid surrounding me. I guess I'll just stick to seeing people falling in love. =) I smile just the same.


sHaN sHaN said...

i can join ur group as well... lol... i've been sleeping the whole afternoon...hehe... is nice to see people falling in love... you'll feel happy for them... don't worry you right one will come one day and remember don't close your door...xD...

weiwei said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
weiwei said...

oh man.. why do u need to remind me of this miserable moment?? assignments and revision are alasan only rite? to make urself feel better hahhahahahahahahahahahahhahhaha romantic dramas pissed me off and i dont like to see ppl fall in love.. i jealous wtf HAHAHAHA. just joking for the latter one.

i tell u one more pathetic thing of mine. i am writing this comment at 3.30am =.=

reddaisie said...

shan shan: hahaha...silakan masuk...XD we shud hang out one of these days, let's go redbox!!!! Nah, not closing it, my church got cute guys XD

weiwei: CAN YOU NOT BOCORKAN MY RAHSIA??? Not fun. Anyway, you are such a meanie. Hehehehe

3.30am SLEEP LA...later become old then you know. XD

Anonymous said...

Don't worry.. I am the most pathetic girl.. I can't go back to my real home.. (put 5 cent face..) I ate alone at Fajar (quite expensive cafe at USM.. eat alone means u have to sponsor yourself.. very kesian le. )
And i am online whenever i am at my sis's home cause no tv to watch.. Don't be surprised if i appear on the show 'Bersamamu' at TV3..

Mrs Chong said...

owh...kesian...I feel mean now... =( Fajar is expensive meh?? I thought very cheap already. Haha..

btw, the previous comment by Pao Pao is actually me la, I forgot to sign out her account. XD

Anonymous said...

Haha..U r rite..Fajar is quite cheap but once I went to IK cafe (block with L10 label), i started to think other cafe as very expensive liao.. hehe...Cause the fast food there really cheap owh..
Oops..Haha.. Not need to feel mean cause I was just exaggerating and joking nia...hehe.. (put on rm5 face)
Actually not going home for me is oso good, can save money on air ticket...
[plus, not need to do the house chores.. ;)]
BTw, is it true we have HEA101 test after the mid-sem break?

Mrs Chong said...

maureen: I know what u mean bout the house chores. T.T Anyway, it's on week9. We go back one week then the following week. Cause we have to discuss the grammar paper first. =)

Yea, IK kinda cheap. Hee...

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