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Monday, August 04, 2008


Cause my room got TWO freaking ugly and big lizard!!!

One hiding beside my bed, another one at my room mate's cupboard. T.T I SCARED.....


Why I so "berjodoh" with lizards today. I saw the third one on MY FREAKING CUPBOARD!!!

What if I change halfway then that stupid, good for nothing, skill-less, lau eah, slippery leg lizard lose control of his leg cause his tummy itchy and want to scratch it wtf then fell onto me???

I HATE LIZARDS. It is almost as big as a crocodile okay??? It has a crocodile look. AND IT HAS STUPID SPOTS!!!! Just like the other two.

Oi cicak, you satu keluarga tinggal sini ar? Can hide yourself and not scare me? I like this no need change, no need online, no need do homework, no need sleep. Just sit and be afraid of you la is it? Why you so mean one?


Simon Seow said...

You can run but you can't hide. LOL.

Anonymous said...

hehe... u wana heard more on even worse thing when i was in ukm ?ehhehe

Doralin Lee said...

You are lucky you just have two lizards living with you, Last time, when i was in UM, my room was even invaded by Mr. Mickey!!!! that naughty fellow ate half of my roomate maggie mee and quater of my apple!!!

Then occasionally our room are visited by.... MONKEYS!!!! luckily they cannot get into our room but they will sit outside the window and watched us as if we are animals in the zoo!!!! You bettter count your blessing dear cousin!!!!

Swee Win said...

i so KESIAN u !!!
poor thing !!
lol.. my house no lizards so far. but got damn big insects !! huge !! n thy like to fly here fly there .so giiliii ah ..thn got lots of cats..thy suka hati masuk ppls house wan.."mei yo li mau" hahaha

Mrs Chong said...

simon: they can hide mar... T.T

jason: DOWAN.

Anna: Cause I paling takut lizard mar. I see lizard nia I menggeletar d..

win: lol, tarak limau hor???aiseh...suka hati, do like their own house...chieh, silap silap ask us to bring them their shoes. XD Here oso got big insects. I scared lizard!!!!!

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