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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I conquered the whole USM

okay, almost.

And it was by foot okay??? I was lured into going to the Merdeka Walk. I know, like little girl got lured with lollipops, SO STUPID right?

Anyway, we went for the Merdeka walked and that is by far the longest route I've taken in USM, by foot. In fact, it is even longer than the route I use by car wtf.

If you know USM and the routes, it is from DUP which is near the Ivory Plaza gate all the way through Bakti Permai, up to Cahaya Gemilang, bypass School of HBP, and we continued walking past DTSP, following the route till I am back at Fajar Harapan, but we were not allowed to go in cause we have to walk all the way back to DUP again to gather for the closing ceremony, say goodbye, snatch milo, kekwa and gardenia jagung bread which were finished within minutes or even seconds cause I did not get any. I was busy taking pictures. T.T Yi Lin gave me her bread. I took so I can save on tomorrow's breakfast. =D

Anyway, it was probably 7km or more. WTF, farther than SGGS to Youth Park, can die. And I better lose some weight this week.

The End.

ps: You are allowed to sympathize me but if you are here to laugh at my misfortune, go fly kite far far.

Ha-ha. I checked my spelling and they tak approve the word Merdeka, so mean.

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