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Friday, August 22, 2008

Malaysia and my love for Her

No matter what that has been happening lately to our country, we always seem to sit around our television every year on the night of 30th August, waiting for the clock to strike 12a.m and start singing patriotic songs.

I never thought why I would be so excited every year at that time. I used to think it's the song-maybe I just enjoy singing, but then again, perhaps it's the main character in the song, our country, Malaysia.

I can tell you 1001 things in Malaysia I love, let alone 51. We can complain about the roads, the beaches, the politics but deep down inside, we know we love our country. The country that we were born in, the country that we live in, the country we grow up in, the country we became so closely attached to that it seems like it's written on our forehead.... Or maybe in our language.

One of the main reasons I love Malaysia is because I met many people I love in it. Friends, family, buddies, schoolmate, coursemate. No matter how we say the malls are so far behind from our neighbouring country, we never fail to make it our weekly hangout place.

Malaysia holds lots of my memories, of my dreams as a child and of my life. I am most comfortable and at home in Malaysia. How many of us has gone out of Malaysia and has been craving for the food Malaysians cook? The kuih, the nasi lemak, the curry mee, the rojak, even the fried rice. We crave for it the minute we are on the plane, leaving to another country, a foreign country.

We can complain about the country till the cow comes home to another Malaysian we love over Malaysian food and never realized that we ARE Malaysian in every single way.

Oh I love you Malaysia. Malaysia is like our first wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband. We always flirt with other girls/boys (foreign country) but at the end of the day, we feel most comfortable, and at home though our first wife/gf/bf/husband can be quite slumpy.

Don't lie lah~ I know one, you very love Malaysia one right? Don't paiseh, admit nia lah~ That is why we must get this 50+1 Malaysia as a present to your friends sempena Hari Kebangsaan, that is if you have this kebiasaan lah~~ At the meantime, go and look see look see here


weiwei said...

how u know it is a HER

Mrs Chong said...

i tot for like country and stuff like that it's always a HER?

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