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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday anakku!!!

We are now 20. I miss those fun times we had back in secondary school (NOT TOO LONG AGO OKAY?) and I miss you terribly!!

Happy birthday anakku.

Though the world may turn you down,
Though he may walk out,
Though new, hotter, better prospect, more gentleman, 1000 times better guy than he is will come,

I want you to know, we stay and MAN I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday darling dotter. May you get a hot, beachy birthday over there and come on, start fishing. XD

Win, life is never easy or the same without you. I know I might make you kembang which I NEVER WANT but really, I MISS YOU!!!!! And it's different. Nothing is the same without you girls. No one understands me better than you girls.

Come back and camwhore with me can?? Here there's no one who is as camwhore as I am. I dare not ask people to take picture with me.

Aiya, happy birthday la... =)

I help you update your link. XD AH WIN's LINK CHANGE D!!!!!! It's now, so go edit.


Swee Win said...

thankss !!
y so sikit pic wan?
lol.. of cuz i very liau kai u.. 7 7 years d.. nobody camwhor with me.sobs sobs

Mrs Chong said... comp pernah mati-ed on me beberapa kali..all gone... T.T I soem more cant find the one u did for me.. XD cannot curi..

7 7 years??
why we sama kesian???I SO LAMA TAK CAMWHORE K???USM got what activity also i tak camwhore. I've changed. =(

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