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Monday, August 25, 2008

Pros and cons of knowing too many people in uni

They can keep you updated with the events in the uni. Need not worry that you will have no one to call for help in uni. Blind one also know it's pros lar.

Cons? Well, they keep you SO updated, they knock on your door, calling you by name and you think got what freebies wtf. And then they tell you that EVERY year 1 have to participate in Merdeka Walk this Thursday.

PERFECT!!!!!! Now I have to attend WUS on Saturday morning. T.T

I feel like a xiao nu ren. So weak and useless.

My neighbour is fixing her own door lock because the ones we have are faulty already. No extra lock. I can't even hammer my kerja kayu properly, let alone a proper door. Well, my kerja kayu is not very proper to begin with since I cut the plank. Still don't understand??? I SUCK AT KERJA KAYU AND SEWING OKAY??? HAPPY?

Something like this la.

So heroic right?? *Stares with wet shiny eyes* yawn. So long one. XD But so funny la, she very bising hammering it and she doesn't care, just continue. Ha-ha, I thought someone bang on another person's door so kuat.

Almost ran and hide my water boiler cause I thought got spot check wtf. I know, people banging on the door and the only thing I can think of is my water boiler. Excuse me, RM50 okay if get caught.

Okay, later go pester memester her to fix mine. XD

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